Early Years Foundation Stage

Prime areas

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development

Specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

These areas of learning will be continuously taught through themes or topics which are usually focused around high quality children’s texts. Children are continuously tracked on their progress in these 7 areas of learning and development. At the end of their first year in full time school (F2) pupils are assessed as to whether they are meeting expected levels of development, or if they are exceeding expected levels of development, or if they have not yet reached expected levels (emerging). If you have questions about the detail of the Early Years Curriculum please contact the school for more information either by email office@trentvale.notts.sch.uk or phone 0115 9179224.

Teaching and learning in the EYFS is predominately through play with teachers and teaching assistants working with small groups and individuals to teach them the next steps in their learning. It is a very personalised approach that responds to the child’s current level of development with an emphasis on ensuring the child develops appropriate social, communication and physical skills to enable then to be a life long learner.

Starting Part Time Nursery

In the month before your child joins our nursery children and parents are invited to come on a series of visits to familiarise themselves with the nursery setting and staff. There will also be a meeting for parents or a home visit to see your child in their familiar environment.

Starting Full Time School

In the term before children join our reception classes, parents and carers are invited to a “New Parents Meeting”. This is an opportunity to meet with the Headteacher, class teacher, and office manager. During this meeting school routines and procedures are discussed. In addition a series of visits are arranged for the children to spend time with their teacher.

What our parents say:

"The children develop a strong bond with their teachers, and there is good evidence of the vision of the headteacher." "The opportunities provided for the children are excellent." "The headteacher goes the extra mile to make sure that parents feel involved, supported and satisfied with their children's experience of school." "We are delighted with the excellent standard of teaching." "Abigail really enjoys going to school and has made really good progress."
Trent Vale Infant and Nursery School