At the Trent-Rylands Federation, we aim to deliver a creative, exciting and innovative English curriculum which enables and empowers pupils’ reading comprehension, as well as written and oral communication. We strive to inspire a love of reading, writing and discussion throughout our school, where children read for pleasure and information, having had access to a wide range of text types, genres and authors. We understand the importance of fostering a culture where children take pride in their writing and are confident in writing clearly, effectively and coherently. In order to achieve this, children should be competent in the art of speaking and listening through discussions and debates. They should also be able to adapt their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences, whilst refining their work and developing their own individual flair. Embedded within this, we want our children to be able to write with grammatical accuracy and be able to apply phonics and spelling patterns correctly using a neat handwriting style. We intend to expose our children to a wide range of vocabulary so that they can decipher new words and successfully use these in their writing. Furthermore, we also aim for our children to apply all of these English skills to the wider curriculum and appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.


The Federation follows the objectives from the National Curriculum and EYFS. English planning is tailor-made to suit the needs of children in individual classes. The school believes that the teaching and learning of English should be cross-curricular. Our curriculum focuses on engaging our pupils in their learning. It is based on inspiring themes which are supported by the use of high-quality texts and what is relevant to our children. Skills such as reading, writing and speaking and listening permeate other subjects and therefore recognition of their value should not be solely confined to English sessions.

Trent Rylands Progression Map

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What our parents say:

"The children develop a strong bond with their teachers, and there is good evidence of the vision of the headteacher." "The opportunities provided for the children are excellent." "The headteacher goes the extra mile to make sure that parents feel involved, supported and satisfied with their children's experience of school." "We are delighted with the excellent standard of teaching." "Abigail really enjoys going to school and has made really good progress."
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