Be Safe and Healthy

Be Safe

At Trent Vale we work hard to ensure children are safe while they are in our care. The school entrance doors are locked as soon as the children are in school, and all visitors must report and sign in at the main reception. The side entrance to the school is open from 8.40am – 9.15am and 3pm – 3.30pm to allow parents easier access to the school to drop off and collect their children. When appointing new members of staff Trent Vale follows safe recruitment procedures, including enhanced DBS checks for all new employees and volunteers.

Internet Safety

We actively teach the children to be safe when using the internet. Our e-safety rules are as follows:-

1. People you don’t know are strangers. They are not always who they say they are.

2. Be nice to people on the computer like you would in the playground.

3. Keep your personal information private.

4. If you ever get that “uh oh” feeling you should tell a grown up you trust.

Every year we hold an e-safety information evening for parents to help them support their children’s safe use of the internet.

Be Healthy

All children are provided with a Trent Vale sports style water bottle when they start full time school. They are encouraged to bring this to school every day so they can drink water, when they need to throughout the day.

As part of our policy on healthy eating all the children are entitled to a piece of fruit everyday and a carton of milk. Our school meals are cooked on site by the Local Authority Catering Service and they provide a home cooked food using fresh, local, high quality ingredients from a 3 week menu. The introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals means that ALL children are entitled to a free, freshly cooked meal at lunchtime. The children sit together in groups of 8 with the older children serving the meal. This encourages the social side of eating whilst encouraging good table manners.

All children will be expected to have a hot school dinner at lunchtime. It is free, healthy and teaches excellent social skills’. All children are actively encouraged to bring healthy options, leaving treats like chocolate, crisps and sweets for when they are at home.

The children are supervised by midday supervisor assistants (MSA’s). Our MSA’s work closely with the teaching staff to ensure that lunchtimes are a happy time where children enjoy playing and having fun with their friends.

What our parents say:

"The children develop a strong bond with their teachers, and there is good evidence of the vision of the headteacher." "The opportunities provided for the children are excellent." "The headteacher goes the extra mile to make sure that parents feel involved, supported and satisfied with their children's experience of school." "We are delighted with the excellent standard of teaching." "Abigail really enjoys going to school and has made really good progress."
Trent Vale Infant and Nursery School